Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

Can YOU do it?

The Angrylife is often led by solitude.

The DIY section will feature a series of articles where we show you a few things we've done on our own. Read it for information, education, or entertainment, and live the Angry-DIY-Life!

Do-It-Yourself: Polishing Wheels

Making an old set of wheels look new - Chapter 1

An enthusiast never has an unlimited budget for improving their hobby. This is the first of many "Do It Yourself" articles that will help you save some money, and see the techniques discussed in vivid pictures.

In this article we will take an old set of import wheels and make them look a lot newer, at minimal cost, in not only time, but money!


I have long been a fan of the SSR XR-4 Wheel. After its initial production, design was sold to a company called Longchamp which now makes the Longchamp XR-4, almost identical to the wheel made by SSR. The wheels are still produced at SSR's factory, but simply branded differently.

I've owned new and used XR-4's in the past, favorite being the set on my AE86. In a hunt for a platform that could handle more power in drifting, I bought a S13. XR-4 being my wheel of choice, I went through two sets of them on the S13 (XR-4 and XR-4S) before settling on the ones used in this feature.

I'm sure there's a professional out there who will read this feature and think, why didn't he use tool A or tool B? I'm a pretty simple guy and in no way claim to be an expert at any of these "Do It Yourself" features. So, procede at your own risk, and enjoy the next few pages. If you pick up a tip or two in the process, you would have made my day. Enjoy.

In chapter 2, we will review the supplies needed, and begin prepping the wheels.