Air Based Suspension

What is Air Suspension?

Since the early 70's air has been used so suspend vehicles in a number of ways. Most commonly used today are air suspension on industrial rigs, and public transportation. The market for air suspension has now engulfed the consumer market. A number of kits are available for many of today's consumer vehicles, and the market for parts to assemble your own kit are flourishing.

There are many advantages to modern air suspension systems. They allow for a wide range of height adjustability, while maintaining very comfortable ride. Here we provide you with parts that will help you get your custom ride on air suspension.

Front/Back Air Management Kit - $old

Full Air Management Kit for Front/Back Actuation.

This air management kit includes a 5 gal air tank, Viair 450 Compressor, (4) EAI valves, EAI adjustable pressure switch, complete push to connect (PTC) fittings, 3/8" DOT approved air line, 1/8" DOT approved air line for gauge, dual pressure/needle air gauge, (5) Bosch relays, drain plug, high pressure release valve, 4 gauge electrical wire, Monster Cable distribution and fuse block, and one roll of teflon tape.

The setup was installed on a car that was being worked on. This kit was used for less than 6 months on a car that drove less than 50 miles.

All parts are in good, functioning order.

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(4) Air-Over-Strut Bags - $old

Air bag replacement for any 2.14" outter diameter strut.

These Universal Air strut-over bags are a direct replacement for your standard 2.14" outter diameter strut. Bags made from synthetic rubber to be resistant against oil and breakdown that will ruin natural rubber.

All four bags have 1/4" swivel fittings. The bags only have about 50 miles on them. They were installed on a coilover setup, and in good condition.

These air bags are made in the USA, and allow for the following adjustment:

4.0" Compressed
9.25" Extended

Fender clearance around the bag will need to be at least: 5.875" Diameter

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