Coil Based Suspension

What is Coil Suspension?

Today's cars come equiped with coil type suspension. The aftermarket has taken this several steps forward by offering, replacement springs (coils) in different heights, rates, and weights. This allows tuners to replace stock coils with shorter ones to lower a vehicle for aestetic and performance reasons. Beyond replacing coils are add-on coilover systems. These assemblies allow for a shorter spring on an adjustable perch. The tuner/owner can fine tune vehicle corner height by the turn of a perch on a threaded sleeve. Another step further is a coilover assembly/setup. This unit incorporates a strut/spring setup where the spring perch is threaded to the strut body. This eliminates compatibility issues with after market units and is better matched with vehicle specific dampening, rebound, and spring rates. The racing world has done better than the traditional coilover setup with "true" height adjustable coilover units. The struts in these units turn independently from the mounting points, allowing the tuner/owner to adjust ride height without affecting the stroke of the strut.

Jic Coilover Setup for Q45 - $old

For 1989-1993 Infiniti Q45 (All Models)

This is a used set (front and rear) of JIC coilovers. The units are non-adjustable dampening, and come with proper spring rate coils for the application. All four shocks are in great condition, and recently removed from a daily driven car.

All four units are direct bolt-in without having to use any existing stock (OEM) parts. Each is equipped with upper spherical bearing, in good condition.

Spanner wrenches not included.

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